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This page is about plugins designed for the I2P router console.

I2P Plugins are both a means to extend I2P's router functionality as well as a method of packaging things.

The file name extension of a I2P plugin file is ".xpi2p". It is installable and uninstallable form the I2P router console.

Comment by Khanjant, 2016-03-17: "This is the plugin list managed to recover after the epic fall of Gathered from the plugin list on and a unofficial temporary list. I (Khanjant) just started, not finished yet.

Because of the sudden shutdown of, some plugins files are still missing to us, if you have some that miss in this list, please contact user:Hummingbird.

Plugins list[edit]

Not obsoletes[edit]

Type Plugin name Latest release (year) URLs (Description / File / Source code) Notes
Tool for I2P  BwSchedule 2015 Description by Cacapao (author) Bandwidth scheduler for the I2P router
Demo plugin Snowman 2015 File. Source code Just a little test, creates a single-page webapp. The plugin contains some commented config files that may be helpful for plugin developers.
Email  I2P-Bote 2015 Description, file
File sharing I2Phex 2016 Plugin Also available as standalone software[1]
Tool Firefox Search Plugins Description (cached page)
Tool for I2P I2PControl 201x Description (on Source code (Python) JSONRPC2 interface
IRC client jIRCii 2016[2] File on, File from iMule (v0.9.0, 2011)[3] jIRCii as a plugin for the I2P console, written in Java. Official website (clearnet, not I2P compatible).
Tool for I2P[4] Julya Homepage and source code
Tool for I2Phex Jwebcache 2016 File or File
HTTP outproxy Outertubes 2012 ? Description[5] (coded by HungryHobbo[6])
Database  Neodatis 2012 File: on (official) or on Used by Seedless
Tor Outproxy  Orchid-zzz 2013 (plugin website) 'Orchid is a Tor client implementation and library written in pure Java.'[7]
Tor Outproxy Orchid-thebland 2016 (plugin website) (How to install) 'Orchid is a Tor client implementation and library written in pure Java.'[8]
Tool for I2P Seedless 2012 Description (on File: On (official) or on[9] (read the article Seedless before to install !).
Forums  Syndie 2016 Also available as standalone software
Tool for Tahoe-LAFS  Tahoe-LAFS Controller 201x File (on
BitTorrent tracker  ZzzOT 2015[10] File (on[11] A Java BitTorrent Opentracker. Has no eepsite, but a official forum ([12]


  • AyuDownloader: "AyuDownloader is an Plugin using the EepGet class from I2P developers to download large files easier from Eepsites." [13]
  • I2Cron: "The I2Cron plugin executes actions based on scheduled timed-based events, or polled events."[14]
  • JAMWiki: A Java Wiki Engine. Active development of JAMWiki has ceased (2013)[15]
  • Pebble: "a lightweight, open source, Java EE blogging tool".[16]


Does the plugin version always match with the latest standalone version ?[edit]

Not always. Sometimes the plugin version is outdated: the standalone version of the software is more recent. If this case, you should use the standalone version.

How to install a plugin ?[edit]

Usually, the process is this one :

  1. Go to the plugin page in your I2P routerconsole: 'I2P Services' > 'Clients' > 'Plugin Configuration' (or click this URL: )
  2. If you have the URL to the plugin file: at the bottom of the page, look for the box 'Plugin Installation from URL'. Paste inside the URL to the plugin file (example:
  3.  If you have the plugin file on your HDD: at the bottom of the page, look for the box 'Plugin Installation from File', browse to the location of the file.
  4.  Click the button 'Install Plugin' (or 'Install Plugin from file')
  5.  Wait several minutes
  6. Once installed, you will see a new text string at the top of the router console, below 'I2P Services'

Note: you should read the description page of the plugin, because there is perhaps more setup to do.

How to check the signature of a plugin file by myself before to install it ?[edit]

The I2P router plugin installer checks the signature of downloaded .su3 file, it checks that the signature is valid. It requires that the signature is placed by some authorized developer.

How to check it by myself ? (command line) :

java -jar /path/to/i2p.jar su3file verifysig -k /path/to/certificates/plugin/ /path/to/plugin.su3

Note: most of plugins source codes are downloadable from the I2P's Monotone server[17].


Installation of plugins is disabled in Tails.[18]

Plugin Development[edit]

Those looking to create new plugins for I2P might want to look at the introduction to plugin development, the plugin specification, and the plugin forum at


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  4. "Julya is a network enabled Jython shell, allowing multiple instances of Jython to be managed from a network connection. Jython scripts can be run in a headless environment by sending scripts via TCP connections defined by the user."
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  11. After installation, a brief help page will be available at Be sure to read it completely!

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