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Welcome to the I2P Wiki (see About page). A collection of user edited material. Some is old, some new, some unstructured, some perfect. Help yourself!

Starting points in I2P

The Eepsite index is a user-curated list of eepsites (web services) with descriptions sorted by functionality.


I2PWiki news

  • 2017-02 Planned - Upgrade MediaWiki engine to 1.27 LTS --Unconscious (talk) 16:40, 27 February 2017 (CET)
  • 2017-02 New page: Blog I2P (Blogging with I2P)

News from and about I2P

Informations about I2P that concern this Wiki.

Recommended content

How To ...

  • Tails - ... access I2P from operating systems that provide an anonymous environment
  • HOWTOs - A list of various Howtos relating to I2P

Useful information

  • Web of trust, software designed to use and run decentralized (distributed) forums
  • Plugin softwares designed for the I2P router console
  • A lot has changed since I2P was introduced in 2003 and you can find outdated pages on the Outdated Information page.

Technical stuff for advanced users

  • Tahoe-LAFS - Learn how to access fully decentralized deepsites, and how to create yours
  • I2P projects - A place for members of the I2P community to formulate ideas into projects
  • I2CP Options - Table of I2CP (I2P Client Protocol) options, with short descriptions of what each does

Outdated ?:

Fun: random I2P slogan

- Random slogan, I2pSlogans