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This page list some softwares compatible with the I2P network, sorted by programming language.

This may give to the new developers some ideas of softwares to improve.


Prog. lang. Type Name Year of last release
C++ I2P router I2Pd 2016
C++ File sharing iMule 2016
C++ Instant messaging I2P-Messenger 2015
C++, C File sharing and more RetroShare 2016
C# File sharing Nachtblitz 2016
Java File sharing I2Phex 2016
Java File sharing (torrents) I2PSnark 2015
Java File sharing and more Aktie 2016
Java File sharing and more OFS 2014
Java Instant messaging SIC[1] 2011 ?
Java Instant messaging JIRCii 2011 ? (I2P plugin)
Java WOT forums Syndie 2016
Java Messaging I2P-Bote 2015
Python Messaging PyBitmessage-I2P 2015
Python File sharing Tahoe-LAFS 2014
'.Net' Instant messaging I2PTalk [2] 2013 ?

To do : add the (many) Bittorrent clients ( Filesharing and I2P#BitTorrent network )

Some ideas of softwares to make I2P compatible[edit]

The following softwares are currently not compatible with the I2P network.

Prog. lang. Type Name Year of last release
C++ Instant messaging (chatrooms, decentralized) Marabunta[3] 2006
Java File sharing and chatrooms AntsP2P[4] 2010
misc File sharing and chatrooms Any Advanced DirectConnect software[5]
Python Decentralized HTTP clients-servers ZeroNet[6]. Portage to I2P seems planned[7] 2017


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