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This page regroup informations about how to make (and run) a Blog with I2P.

WOT forums softwares as alternatives to HTTP Blogs[edit]

Before to make a HTTP website inside I2P (a HTTP server to run a HTTP blog server), you should have a look some softwares (such as Syndie) : WOT forums.


  • Your Blog is readable/writable 24/24, even if your computer (or your I2P connection) is down.
  • If you leave I2P or give up your blog, it will still be available in the next years (to the readers and to you).
  • Some WOT forums softwares can also work as a private mailboxes, your readers can write public or private comments (and receive your messages).
  • No security risk for your computer to be hacked (because no HTTP server).
  • Syndie allows your forum to be readable from multiple darknets (I2P, Tor, Freenet, ...).
  • Distributed design makes harder to know who operates the blog.


  • Need to learn a WOT forums software.
  • Visitors must use the WOT software that you have choose in order to access it.
  • You can not use themes to design graphically your blog (however: Syndie allow to attach pictures).
  • No hit counter possible. You can not know if people read your posts.
  • The content is distributed, if the encryption is break, all the content might become readable.

Notes :

  • Freenet is also very suitable to make a blog.

Technical informations about WWW hosting inside I2P[edit]

Main article: EepsiteHosting

Technical informations about Blogging into I2P[edit]

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